Domain-Driven Design

Feel like you need a PHD to understand what this DDD thing is all about? Don’t worry, we have a nice and gentle intoroduction for you.

Why would you want to do DDD in the first place and what problems does it solve for you? This nice short video will explain it to you in 35 Minutes.

Once you are commited to learn DDD a good place to start is the very short (~120p) Book “Domain-Driven Design Distilled” by Vaugn Vernon

In Vaughns book you will learn that involving domain experts is key to good DDD implementations. The definite (though unfinished) guide to facilitating such collaborative modelling sessions is Event Storming by Alberto Brandolini.

Once you understand your domamin and found some of the subdomains that should be separated into different bounded contexts it may be helpful to learn more about context mapping by reading the blog post.

At this point you want to dive deeper into implementing DDD. Scott Milett’s book is a nice-to-read and accessible introduction to the topic. The first few chapters are also avilable for free on Leanpub.