Learning Go the easy way

Google’s Go programming language is going to be more and more common in the IT world. Well known applications like Docker or Kubernetes are written in Go. Here you’ll find the top five resources for getting started with Go.

Top five resources

A Tour of Go

This interactive tutorial by the Go developers shows the basics of the Go programming language. You’ll guided through the tutorial and get everything explained next to the online editor. This tutorial is also available as Download for offline usage and translated in various languages.

The Go Programming Language

The book covers the programming language from the basics up to most advanced concepts (which you may better forget after reading the chapter). It explains the concepts of the language using many examples.

Go documentation

After you are familiar with Go, you can learn more details from the official Go documentation, which contains examples and detailed usage descriptions of the provided APIs.

50 Shades of Go

This Blogpost covers gotchas and common mistakes which can be occur while programming in Go. Thereby the author distincts between different experience levels of the programmer (beginner, intermediate, advanced, Cgo).

Build web applications with Golang

Most applications today are web based. Go provides all necessary functions to implement a full-fledged web application. This gitbook shows how you can implement such a web app using Go and different database systems.

Tobias works as a professional developer since a few years and learned different programming languages during this time.